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Support from the Blogosphere December 28, 2006

Posted by Edwin in Mandarin, Motivation.

Are you currently feeling discouraged? Write it out in your blog.

This was what Jeremy did. About 2 weeks ago, he started a blog to track his Mandarin learning progress. Then 2 days later, he felt discouraged:

“I woke up this morning thinking about my progress so far. I was very discouraged. I’ve never been much for studying in the traditional manner.”

Within a few days, comments of encouragement flooded into his blog, such as:

“You are not alone … I think you have already overcome one of the hardest obstacles.”

“Your discouragement sounds like my recent period of discouragement.”

“I think you should come to China, even if just for a short time … I’ll be happy to show you around.”

“The fundamentals of the language will be valuable in any studies in future years, but learning to associate it with total enjoyment no matter what, is priceless, and lasts a lifetime.”

Now, Jeremy is feeling motivated, as you can read from his yesterday’s post:

“I also wanted to say thanks to everyone who commented recently. I was very encouraged by the comments.”

I still remember a few months ago, about a month after I decided to pick up French again, I wanted to quit. I wanted to continue working on my Mandarin, in which I already had some success, or switch to Spanish, the language I love the most. Then I stumbled upon Tony’s blog, and then Steve’s. I put in some comments and they replied with encouragement. I realized that there are so many language learners out there, who have had the same experience and are willing to give out support. So I decided to carry on.

If it is your down time now, then it is. Be honest to yourself and to the world. Let the blogosphere unleash its power. On the other hand, don’t hesitate to give out encouragement to others.



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