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Importance of Repetition December 29, 2006

Posted by Edwin in Mandarin, Speaking.

Repeat, repeat, repeat….

Just echo what you have heard. Repeat it many times. This is the key to improving your speaking skill.

Watch this hilarious video clip by Max. He recommends and demonstrates a great drill that you should try. This example applies to learning Mandarin tones. But it can be easily generalized into learning other languages. Start from 01:45 if you want to get right into the drill.

Master Steve has also emphasized the importance of repetition in a recent post. His recommendation is to practice repeating a phrase, at least 5 times each time, immediately after hearing it. You should do this with an emphasis on the rhythm and intonation of the language, rather than on remembering the words.



1. Chick. - January 7, 2007

Repeating sentences does work. I’m currently studing english (my first language is spanish) I have really good grades ( I’m not being humble am I? ) because I watch TV programs in english and repeat what they’re saying trying to have the same accent. Now, I want to learn to write better and increase my vocabulary so I’m writing a blog: http://www.blogcharm.com/littledyke
Nice forum.Bye.

2. edwinlaw - January 7, 2007

Thanks, Chick, for your comment. Starting a blog to improve your English writing is definitely the way to go! Wish you all the best in your English learning!

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