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Fun With Global Translator February 7, 2007

Posted by Edwin in Cantonese, English, Humour, Mandarin.

Here is a follow-up on my recent post “Fish Jokes“.

Although I discourage my fellow-bloggers to provide machine-translation links to their pages, from a reader’s point of view, I do find the existence of these links very meaningful. Indeed, they are extremely entertaining!

This site has just installed a WordPress plugin called the Global Translator, as described by its post today. I can’t wait to entertain myself by checking out some translations of that page.

Let’s look at the Chinese translation for example. The original first sentence of the page is:

“Today I added another nice wordpress plugin to my list of top wordpress plugins I use.”

It is translated to:


First of all, note that it is not a proper sentence at all. Next, if you look closely, ‘nice’ has been mistaken as the place Nice. The translation of the phrase “top wordpress plugins I use” does not make any sense. In fact, ‘顶我’ sounds rude in Chinese.

If you go down to the bottom, you will be amazed to find a list of ‘recent job posts’ (近期职位)!

The plugin is nice enough though to provide the original text if you ‘mouse over’ the translated text.

Disclaimer: I have no intention to poke fun at the author and his blog. The author himself already warned in the post that there are shortcomings using the translation plugin.



1. edwinlaw - March 28, 2007

A few days ago, I have found that the author of the page, who presumably did not read my post, had taken the translation plug-in out. The main reason he told it out was due to performance. But then he also believes that machine translators simply cannot replace human ones. He said in his post “Human Translators Superior to Automatic Blog Translations”:

“Getting humans to translate your blog posts in multiple languages is a professional job, a continuous one on a daily basis and cannot be expected to be free.”

His post also mentions that some other blogs are already hiring human translators to translate their blog contents.

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