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Hong Kong English Accent June 8, 2007

Posted by Edwin in Accents, English, Phonetics.

A few days ago I was watching some Youtube video clips from the website 英文由F字學起 (Learn English starting from the ‘F’ word). The series is for getting rid of the Hong Kong English accent. Unlike other typical accent reduction courses, the tutor specifically pinpoints the Hong Kong accent and talks about a lot of its flaws. He does so very thoroughly.

In one episode, the tutor talks about the pronunciation of the alphabets. He points out that the typical Hong Kong pronunciations get about half of the alphabets wrong. This is shocking but certainly very true!

As I was reflecting on the English education in Hong Kong, I feel very sad. Most English teachers are inadequately equipped. Look at the fruit they produce! Another sad thing I feel is that most Hong Kong people would rather spend a huge amount of time on grammar correction, but they rarely think about improving their pronunciations.



1. 米蘭 - June 10, 2007

I had to specifically learn the Hong Kong English alphabet in order to tell people over the phone my email address 😦

2. justin - November 27, 2008

sorry to inform you bro, but English only has ONE alphabet

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