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Computer Flashcard Nazi October 5, 2007

Posted by Edwin in Forums, French, LingQ, Vocabulary.

I had some time today to update my French vocabulary building progress. I was amazed that I have added nearly 600 words this month!

In fact, I owe this achievement to the LingQ system. When its beta version came out at the beginning of August, I subscribed to it right away. I have been using it for more than 2 months and I have been reading a lot. I think it is a great system for improving my reading skills. As for listening, speaking, writing, and vocabulary learning, I have better tools. I have more to say about the system, but perhaps I will save it for a future post.

Here is a recent story of mine related to vocabulary building which might interest you.

Ok, I could not help it but to peek into the forums again. My dear Tarzan friend is proposing a new vocabulary learning strategy. This time, he encourages people to use paper flashcards instead of software, and he encourages making and updating hundreds of them from time to time. He claims that the method only requires about 30 minutes to an hour everyday. Of course, many of our members spotted right away that this can’t be possible. The process he suggests is in fact a very time-consuming. Someone even estimated that it might take up to 3-6 hours a day.

As usual, after he received many comments against his method, he asked us not to doubt, but to simply try it out first. What makes this story more interesting is that someone has indeed promised to try it out! And he will post his feedback later. Poor soul.

I asked him to describe the advantages of his method over other proven methods, and I got this reply from him:

What are the advantages? Well my friend, if you read threads completely, you will have noticed this method is for people that PREFER to use paper flash-cards. If you’re a computer flashcard nazi, don’t bother reading the thread. It isn’t meant for you.

A computer flashcard Nazi?!

A vital skill of engaging in forum discussions is to know when and how to quit. So I took the opportunity to sign out.



1. Keith - October 7, 2007

I see you are against the new xtreme vocabulary learning method.
The only downside I see to the method is the preparation time.

2. Edwin - October 7, 2007

Actually, I am all against promotion of inefficient vocabulary learning methods.

With my own method, I spend less than 30 minutes a day to maintain a vocabulary of over 2000 words/phrases. And this method is scalable.

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