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Conversation with Ziad Fazah October 20, 2007

Posted by Edwin in Motivation, Skype.

Today, I had the honour to talk with Ziad Fazah. Yes, the person who claimed to have learnt 59 languages in his youth.

Thanks, Keith, for the inspiration. At last, I decided to talk to the legendary linguist. I sent an email to Ziad yesterday, and was surprised to receive his reply on the same day. He asked me to call him today.

I felt so mad at myself when I found out that I messed up the time zone. I was an hour late. It seemed to be an inconvenient time for him, so we only talked for a few minutes.

We spoke English most of the time, but then we had a short exchange in Mandarin. He admitted that his Mandarin was rusted since he has not spoken it for 20 years. But he claimed that he could pick up any language again if he wanted. It would probably take him 2 days to 2 weeks depending on his available time.

As soon as I heard him speaking Mandarin, I thought the coming conversation was going to be valuable. So I started my Skype recording!

“Your call is now being recorded…”

The program was new to me, and I later found out the above message could be heard from both ends! I did not ask his permission to record the call, so I felt very embarrassed afterwards. But he seemed to be alright with that.

He indicated to me, as to other people in the past, that there was simply no significant financial benefit for knowing to speak so many languages. I kind of agree with him.

I have arranged another time to speak with him next week. I am hoping to get more inspiration from him on language learning.



1. Keith - October 21, 2007

Hi Edwin,
You are welcome. You might want to correct the spelling of his name in the title and body of your post. You typed an ‘r’ both times instead of a ‘z’ in his last name.

I don’t know your email address. Could you email me?

2. Rmss - October 21, 2007

Wow, that really sucks that you didn’t had much time to speak with him. I’m really looking forward to the next talk you have with him! Heep us updated!

3. Edwin - October 21, 2007

Thanks Keith.

4. Edwin - October 21, 2007

Actually, we talked for nearly 10 minutes. So it was more than I expected for being 1 hour late.

5. asad - October 22, 2007

pls record your next conversation and put it up if you can.


6. Keith - October 22, 2007

Did he say he would speak with you in Mandarin next time? Or are you just going to leave it at that?

7. Edwin - October 23, 2007

He said we can speak English, Mandarin, French, and other languages next time.

Keith, I’d like to congratulate you on your successful blog, but I am not allowed to leave any comment. 😦

8. Keith - October 24, 2007

How do you know my blog is successful? Nobody can leave any comments!

Unfortunately, only registered members can leave comments. But at least everybody can read my posts and listen to my audio.

9. Edwin - October 24, 2007

I determine if a blog is successful by looking at its quality, not the number of readers and subscribers. 🙂

10. Castro, Mahatma - November 27, 2007

Dear Edwin,
I live in Rio de Janeiro and I´ve been trying to find some way to talk with Mr. Ziad Fazah for some days. Unfortunately, I´ve found only phone numbers and e-mails about him on Internet that are not recent anymore.
Today I read this message and noticed you talked with him few days ago. Could you please send me his current phone number or e-mail ?
Best regards,
Mr.Castro, Mahatma

11. Edwin - November 27, 2007

Hi Mr Castro,
The email and phone number I used to contact him are the same as the ones found in the language forum:


12. Castro, Mahatma - November 27, 2007

Thank you very much, Edwin. I´ve already sent an e-mail according to the informations in the language forum. I hope to talk to him as soon as possible.
Best regards.

13. f maruchan - February 6, 2008

i want to talk to ziad fazah…
im from greenland and i would like to talk to him in danish…
fork over the number please

14. edwin is a loser - October 15, 2009

you’re an idiot.

15. sammuel oscar de oliveira - October 29, 2009

hi everyne i ´d like to know more about teacher ziad

16. primadonna - March 7, 2010

lanselotus afigenius

17. Edwardo Seriano - November 14, 2011

Faizan Ali Varya is guys who can speak and understand 26 languages of the world, I spoke with him in few languages he was very good in it, I am agreed and impressed with him..!! 🙂

18. Lina Kesvenssa - November 14, 2011


According to Wikipedia online encyclopedia website there are few person in the world who can speak few language i would recommend three wonderful people who can write and understand the languages very well.

Jose Rizal – Spoke 22 Languages of the World (Died)
Harold Williams – Spoke over 58 Languages of the World (Died)
Faizan Ali Varya – Spoke 26 Languages of the World (22 Years Old Youngest in the world – Still Alive)
Ziad Fazah – Spoke 58 Languages of the World (22 Years – living 57 Years Old Still Alive)

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