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Anniversary December 15, 2007

Posted by Edwin in General, Motivation.

Today marks the 1st anniversary of this blog. Exactly one year ago, I decided to create a blog to share my thoughts on language learning and multiculturalism.

During this period, I have learned a lot about language learning, and most importantly, I have met many language enthusiasts in the blogosphere. I am delighted to see so many new language blogs created, but then I am sad to see many have since stopped or become dormant.

When I started my blog, I set a goal to make this an inspirational blog to language learners and lovers. I am not sure how far I am from reaching this goal. Perhaps I will share a story here about a truly inspirational language blog.

Kelly started the Aspiring Polyglot on March 2006. Not long after I started this blog, she decided to close off hers (and created a few language-specific blogs). At some point in time (I believe it was after the closing of the Aspiring Polyglot blog), a person named JP discovered it. He loved the blog so much that he even wrote Kelly some fan mail.

JP worked as a language teacher in the States for many years. It was from the Aspiring Polyglot where he learned about ChinesePod and SpanishSense. A few months ago, he decided to quit his job and packed his bag for Shanghai, China. He decided to take up a much more challenging language-related job there. He became the new host of SpanishPod, the reincarnated SpanishSense.

Here is a comment JP left on Kelly’s blog:

It’s all because of you and your review! I quit my teaching job, moved to Shanghai (we share the studio with ChinesePod) and look at me now! All thanks to you!

This is absolutely inspiring and live-changing!

I hope all the language bloggers out there have this similar goal. Let’s have more sharing and support. Let’s inspire each other.



1. Joanne - December 16, 2007

Happy Anniversary! I have enjoyed reading this blog and look forward to reading more. And I agree about the sharing and support – we all have much to learn from each other and since language is a mode of communication, it just makes sense!

2. Edwin - December 16, 2007

Thanks, Joanne.

Have you decided which language to pursue? I don’t know where to put you in my blogroll. It is sorted by target language.

3. jp 吉平 - December 17, 2007

Happy anniversary! Thanks for the link! Hope you check out SpanishPod.com!

4. Edwin - December 17, 2007

Hi JP, congratulations on your new venture!

Of course, I have listened to SpanishPod. In fact, I was planning to start (or restart) my Spanish in the middle of next year. Now after I have listened to SpanishPod, I want to do it earlier … like … now!

5. Milan - December 20, 2007

Good stuff! I really love your cantophilia.com and I think you could commercialise it in future on a similar structure to chinesepod. You and I have very similar language insights which is why I like to read what you have to say.

6. Edwin - December 21, 2007

Thanks Milan.

I wish I had the resources to create something as great as ChinesePod and SpanishPod.

Your blog seems so quiet lately. What happens?

7. Joanne - January 7, 2008

Edwin, I apologize for taking so long to respond to your comment. Actually, I’m still deciding which language to pursue…I’ve had to put my language-learning goals on the back burner and am just now starting to get back on track. In the meantime, my blog is more about social aspects of language, focusing mainly on English, but open to other languages as I learn more about them.


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