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English is my second language. Growing up in the once British colony of Hong Kong, I started learning English in the kindergarten. Of course, learning a language in a pure academic setting does not really mean much. Most Hong Kong people cannot speak English fluently.

I went to study in the UK at the age of 13. It was then I began to submerge myself into the English language. I had to use it in my daily life. I was doing well in the first few years, for I chose to hang around with the Brits. When I went to university, I began to hang around with the Chinese students. It was a bad move. My English did not improve much during my university years.

I came to Canada at the age of 21. People still speak English here, but suddenly they sound so different to me. Oh no, the Canadian accent! Many word usages are different from the British English, too.

English is my language at work. At some point, I realized that I would get nervous speaking English in a group. About 2 years ago, I joined the Toastmasters club to work on my public speaking skill. I have recently reached the Competent Communicator level, and my immediate goal now is to improve my impromptu speaking skill. I will also continue to work hard on my speech delivering techniques.

I also need to work on my writing skill. Perhaps this blog would help.

I will not claim to be an expert in the English language, but I will surely try my best to answer any question related to the language. I am also glad to share my public speaking experience if anyone finds interested.



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