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My first encounter with French happened when I was 12. I enrolled to a French summer course at L’Alliance Française of Hong Kong, together with my 2 sisters. Later, about 6 months before I went to study in the UK, I re-enrolled at L’Alliance Française for a weekly course. I wanted to better equip myself since French was a compulsory subject over there.

In the UK, I found myself lagging behind in French as compared with the local students. My English was not very good at that time, and I could not guess an unfamiliar French word as well as my British classmates could, as many French words resemble some English words with similar meanings. Their listening skills also tended to be naturally better than the foreign students. As a result, I did not like French very much.

My adventure with the French language stopped after GCSE, and I did not touch the language until I came to Canada. Here, French is supposed to be the second official language. But my interest in French has not resurrected until the recent months.

Towards the end of June this year, I suddenly had the burning desire to pick up French again. I started a French blog to practice my writing skills. But then I found it difficult and very time consuming. I also found that I was writing terrible French. So I stopped the blog and I am now concentrated on listening and reading. I still work on my writing skill from time to time by exchanging email with a French speaker.

I still have a long way to go to reach the level of fluency in French. I would need support from other people, especially those who already know the language.

I don’t have much to offer to help others French learners. Perhaps I can offer some good links and resources I have found on the Internet.



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