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PLC 2007 – Mandarin

I started seriously picking up Mandarin about 2 years ago. I have now reached a competent level in reading and listening. I currently have no plan of learning to write simplified Chinese. So, my main focus is now on speaking.

There are so many Mandarin speakers living in Toronto. Sadly, I don’t have much chance to converse with them. I occasionally spoke with my colleagues, usually during lunch. I sometimes talk to the cashiers in the supermarkets. As far as listening is concerned, I have been listening to ChinesePod, but I find it too trivial.

My goal is to gain competency in speaking by mid-2007. Then I should put my Mandarin learning into auto-mode. I will be doing reading, listening, and speaking as a regular habit. I will then switch my attention into learning other languages.

My action plan is to look for more speaking opportunities. I will look into the possibility of joining some Mandarin-speaking groups, and I will seriously look into Skyping. I will perfect my listening by doing more ‘Extreme Listening’ practices. I will also read more news in simplified Chinese. I have no plan to work on my writing.

As for contribution, I will see if I can provide any support to other learners. 2 areas I have identified are motivation and Pinyin. I have already joined the ChinesePod forum.



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