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PLC 2007 – French

Personal Language Commitment 2007 – French
Towards the end of June 2006, I have decided to pick up my French again. At first, I started writing a French blog. Then I realize that it was tough and very time consuming. It distracted me very much from my own learning. So I stopped and concentrated on my reading and listening. I also started writing to a language-exchange pen-pal from Paris.

If I look back now, I think I am quite disappointed with my progress in the last few months. Listening has been my main focus. I believe I have improved quite a bit. I listen to CBC radio and several French podcasts, some with transcripts and others without. My reading has been falling behind. I wrote to my French pen-pal only once in the last 2 months. I did virtually nothing for speaking.

My year-end goal for 2007 is to reach a competent level in French. By this I mean, I should be able to understand at least 90% of the news boardcasts and TV shows. I should be able to read French books, probably with the assistance of a dictionary. I should be able to write and converse in basic French.

In the coming year, I need to work harder on my reading and listening. As for speaking, my target is to start Skyping in the second half of the year. As for writing, I will write more often to my pen-pal. I will probably connect with more Francophones through e-mail, and leave comments in their blogs and forums.

I will also constantly look for opportunities to contribute. It is probably going to be very limited. At the very least, I think I will set up a resource page for other French learners.



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