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To be more specific, I am interested in learning Hellenistic Greek, with which the New Testament was written. I did some research and self-learning a while ago on the Internet on the language. It does not seem to be a difficult language to learn, considered it is quite similar to Latin. In fact, it has one less case than Latin.

I remember an analogy a preacher once gave. He said reading the translated text is a bit like watching a movie in black and white. You don’t really miss anything in the story. But reading the text in its original language is like watching a movie with colour. You can enjoy it more.

With the widely available resources from the Internet, people nowadays do not really need to know the Greek language to refer to the original text. However, I still think that knowing a bit more about the language would help me understand the Word of God better, and avoid being overpowered by those who claim to know the language.

There are many Greeks in Toronto. I personally do not have contact with a lot of them. I would love to know how Modern Greek is different from the one used in the Bible.



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