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Selling My iPod Nano August 25, 2008

Posted by Edwin in Tools.

While Steve has recently upgraded his MP3 player to an iPod Nano 3G, I am considering selling mine.

No doubt, an iPod Nano is an extraordinary device for language learners. It is portable, it can play both audio and video clips, and the lyrics display comes in handy when you need to read the accompanied texts. I upgraded my 2G Nano to 3G last November and had been using it everyday. Last month, my mobile phone contract was up, so I got myself a new phone, the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic. This unit is a genuine MP3 player. One can tell by the fact that it provides an 3.5mm headphone jack. Shame on the other so-called MP3 mobile phones, which still require an adaptor to connect to the headphone!

The greatest advantage of having an MP3 player/mobile phone combo is the convenience of having 2 gadgets in one. I have to carry my mobile phone with me anyway. Now, I don’t need to carry an additional gadget to listen to my audio files.

Another great feature I love is the external speaker. I don’t always carry my earbuds with me. Sometimes, I want to play the audio clips to other people. An external speaker just makes my life much easier. I always wonder why Apple does not provide it in its iPods. I am sure it is not difficult to put one in.

Another feature, which does not seem as useful now, but will soon in the future, is Bluetooth. The days of plugging/unplugging is over for me. I now sync up my unit wirelessly. Very soon, I will add Bluetooth ability to my car stereo, so I can listen to my favourite language clips as soon as I get into my car. I will also be able to do other wonderful things in the coming future when Bluetooth devices become more affordable.

After about 2 weeks of possessing my new 5310, I found my iPod unsync-ed for almost a week. In the past, I synced up my iPod everyday. I realize it may be a good time to sell the unit, before it worths less than its protective case. I know I am going to miss it though.



1. Ramses - August 27, 2008

Funny, I just bought a Samsung YP-P2 MP3-player to replace the MP3 function of my Nokia 6110 Navigator. I just hated the poor audio support and the 2.5″ plug. With this player (which has Bluetooth functionality as well) I can also put up .txt files. I already converted my PDF version of the first Harry Potter book to plain text so I can read it when I don’t have the physical book with me and listen to the audiobook at the same time.

2. Edwin - August 27, 2008

I had to choose between an SE 850i and Nokia 5310. They want to make 850i like a camera and 5310 like a music player. At the end, I sacrifice the photo quality and went for the music player.

A lot of phones/gadgets claim to have the MP3 playing capability, but they are never designed to be a music player.

I am not a heavy music listener, so an iPod is an overkill for me. However, its synchronization capability is outstanding.

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