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Goal Setting May 11, 2007

Posted by Edwin in French, Goals.
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Two days ago, I went to a career seminar organized by my company. The message was simple: before you decide to leave the company and work somewhere else, there are in fact many opportunities within the company you should consider.

I went to the same seminar last year. I still remember there was one instructor who talked about the importance of setting goals in our career development. He even told us that he had set a goal to learn French a year before then, and he had gained support from his manager. Then he was putting it in action.

I met the same instructor this year. He told us that a few days ago, he just taught one of his lessons in Quebec in French for the first time!

I don’t know the instructor personally, and I don’t know his level of French before or after his training. But this is surely a good example to illustrate the importance of goal-setting, in particular for language learning.