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6WC April 17, 2007

Posted by Edwin in Italian, Japanese.
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This is going to be a short post, for I don’t really have the mood to write after hearing the Virginia Tech incident.

Some words of encouragement for those who participate in the 6WC. Keep going and don’t lose heart!

I think it is a cool idea, and if it is not because I am already working on 2 languages, I probably will give it a try. My target language would either be Italian or Japanese. They are just beautiful languages to me!


An Italian Brand December 27, 2006

Posted by Edwin in Humour, Italian.
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For some people, Christmas = shopping.
For some merchants, Christmas = give me all your money!

I remember a story related to shopping. It is a true story.

It happened back in the time when I was still in university. One Easter holiday, I and a few friends decided to make a trip to Italy. Somehow, another friend of ours wanted to tag along. She did not hang around with us that much, but she showed a great interest in joining our trip. It turned out that she wanted to go there for solely one purpose – shopping!

During the trip, we noticed our friend’s lack of interest while visiting Rome, Florence, Pisa, and Venice. Finally, we arrived in Milan. This was when she suddenly came back to life. This was where she was to start her trip.

Then she confessed that she had been puzzling during the past few days. She was familiar with a lot of Italian brands but there was one brand she admitted that she had never heard of. It appeared in the stores all over Italy.

I asked her to spell out the brand name, and she replied, ‘S..A..L..D..I’.